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Afternoon trip

Enjoy an afternoon onboard our unique Faroese sailing ship

An afternoon affords us time to provide our guests with an extended experience of our iconic sailing ship and it's unique blend of authenticity and modern comforts.

As the conditions for sailing the Faroe Islands responsibly and safely are largely dependent on the hourly changing currents, we change the agenda of our trips in harmony with the conditions in effect at the time of departure. We prefer to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip rather than a set destination. After all, the vue of the Faroe Islands is generally breathtaking, and we feel that You tend to enjoy the experience more when You feel safe and comfortable. 

We select a course allowing us to set the sails, allowing our guests to experience the joy of pure natural propulsion. Regrettably, the wind is not at our command, so You may also have to accept that the setting of the sails will not benefit the trip. Thus the captain may choose to set only a part of the sails or not to set sails at all. 

However, the fantastic Faroe Islands, our ship and our hospitality is consistent and we will do our utmost to give You an experience to remember.

Depending on the sailing conditions we will set course for the island HESTUR to the south or the island NOLSOY just opposite Tórshavn. 

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