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Charter prices 2023

The rent includes a crew of two to five, depending on the number of guests.

The crew is in accordance to rules set by the Faroese Maritime Authority for sailing with passengers. The crew fee is included in the hourly rate.

4.100 DKK. Startup fee

125 DKK. fee pr. guest

Hourly rate. At least three hours.

2.700 DKK. an hour for sailing with 1-10 guests. Crew: two

2.950 DKK. an hour for sailing with 11-21 guests. Crew: three

3.150 DKK. an hour for sailing with 22-45 guests. Crew: five

350 DKK. Extra for five servings of fish soup with local bread.

Discuss your wishes for food and drink with us. We can use our providers, or you can bring your own food and drink.

The galley (kitchen) has two modern ovens, a refrigerator, two induction cookers, a good coffeemaker and a Quooker tap with boiling water. We also own a decent gas grill.

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