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Guests review

"We had an incredible experience with Frank, Captain and Martin. They were so kind, encouraging and fun to spend time with. The boat is incredible. We spent a lot of time just cruising and relaxing in between fishing spots.

We did the tour very early in the season and unfortunately didn’t catch anything.

Frank prepared the most delicious fish stew dinner.

A wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

Christine Holmstedt

"This was such a wonderful tour… I keep warm and safe images and memories of it that will remain engraved in my memory for a long time !!!… Marvellous sea landscapes… Faroe Islands and especially Nolsoy are like a deep treasure for my heart. The crew, as well as all the Faroese people, were really very friendly and warm. Many many thanks to them !!! I hope I’ll have a chance to come back once again to Faroe Islands. "

Yves Brendel from France

The old ship dealing with the waves and the wind felt really majestic. Being able to walk around in Nólsoy halfway through was a great break from the rocking on the sea.

It would have been nice if the skipper/captain told some stories about the ship itself and the sights along the tour. (We do now, thank You Arjen)

Arjen Kremers

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