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Our ship

"Norðlýsið" is Faroese for The Nordic light. The ship was built during the second world war in the shipyard in Tórshavn. The material is Canadian oak.

In the 80s, the Faroese artist and seafarer Tróndur Patursson acquired the ship and transformed it into his ideal of a sailing ship. He considers the Norðlýsið one of his best works of art.

The iconic Faroese sailing ship Norðlýsið
The Norðlýsið after the restoration and rebuild in the 80s

Norðlýsið is rigged as a Schooner sailing ship. It is 18,82 meters long, 5,21 meters wide and 2,32 meters deep. The forecastle is a combination of the original forecastle and the original cargo hold. There are fourteen bunks in the forecastle that features a unique handmade table from the artist.

In 2020 the ship went onto the dock at the shipyard in Tórshavn, where it was built, for major restorations and repairs. The Norðlýsið was also upgraded with modern facilities for our guests. New toilets, ventilation and heating below the deck and a modern kitchen.

Our mission is to give you an authentic, but also comfortable and safe experience onboard our iconic ship. There is no better way to see the Faroe Islands from the sea. Welcome onboard.

The Iconic Faroese sailing ship Norðlýsið repairs in 2020
Major repairs and restorations in 2020


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