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Setting sails

"who does not get goosebumps when the sails are set? This is when you are truly in sync; The Wind, The Ship and You."

As a sailing ship, setting sail is the top of the experiences we want to offer you.

The iconic Faroese sailing ship Norðlýsið
Norðlýsið is a schooner rigged sailing ship

However, the top priority is Your safety and comfort. Therefore the captain will decide if the criteria for a safe and comfortable event are met.

Of course, the weather is a factor, but also the direction of the wind. Especially if we have a set destination and timeline, many guests can also prevent a safe event.

Two women setting sails onboard the iconic Faroese sailing ship Norðlýsið
Enjoy using your body and feeling your strength when the sails are hoisted.

You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you wish, based on your abilities and interests. And always carefully supervised by the attentive crew.


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