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ROKS x Norðlýsið

Special dinner event onboard The Norðlýsið 
November 7th to December 17th

Imagine a special evening with 10 of your favourite coworkers or friends. Then imagine being in the cosy forecastle onboard The Norðlýsið at  the boat harbour in Tórshavn. Imagine the intimate and maritime surroundings, the good mood. the sound of the sea ... and then a really special menu from the ROKS kitchen. After enjoying the monkfish, You will transfer to the ROKS restaurant for desert, coffee and avec.


Morsels, lobster, caviar

Ceviche from rose fish

Sea urchin


Lightly smoked horse mussel

Deep-fried capelin

"Søltvafla" with trout roe

Snow crab

Glazed monkfish with vegetables and salad

-- After a brisk walk to the ROKS restaurant --

rhubarb ice cream with burned cream and sweet cardamom bun.

Petit Four (with the coffee)


Special ROKS menu, aperitif, wine menu, coffee and desert.

30.000 DKK for 10 people

Book on - also if you are less or more than 10 people.

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