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Charter The ship and its crew for your own adventure. Depending on the day, the departure time and the timeframe, we will recommend the best way to enjoy The Faroe Islands onboard our iconic ship. 

Start rate:
12.200 DKK pr. trip.
Includes three hours of sailing with guests onboard

Guest rate:

125 DKK pr. guest

Hourly rates

2.700 DKK an hour when sailing with guests onboard.

1.400 DKK an hour when sailing without guests onboard. For example when the pickup location is outside Tórshavn.

Complimentary coffee, tea and pastry or cake will be offered on most trips.


350 DKK extra pr. 5 persons, for Prima fish soup. Including bread.

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages on the trip.


We can offer a range of food and beverages as we cooperate with a range of providers. 

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