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Changing sailing conditions

Sailing conditions between the islands of the Faroe Islands can be challenging and changeable due to the geographic location of the archipelago and the complex ocean currents that surround the islands. The Faroe Islands are affected by no less than four currents: The Norwegian Current, The Faroe Current, The East Greenland Current and The Irminger Current.

Here is an explanation of the changing sailing conditions between the islands:

1. Currents and tides : The sea currents around the Faroe Islands can be strong and changeable, which can affect sailing between the islands. Especially in narrow passages and close to the coast, the currents can be strong, which requires caution and good navigation skills from seafarers.

2. Wind conditions : The winds in the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea can be unpredictable and variable. They can change direction and strength quickly, which can affect sailing between the islands. Sometimes strong gusts can occur, which can make sailing difficult and risky.

3. Coastal conditions : The steep rocky coasts and narrow passages between the islands can create local wind phenomena, where the wind can become stronger and more unpredictable. These conditions require extra attention and careful navigation to avoid grounding or other dangerous situations.

4. Sea currents : In addition to the surface sea currents, there can also be deep sea currents or underwater currents that can affect sailing. These currents can create turbulence and roughness in the water, which can make sailing more challenging.

Due to these changing sailing conditions, it is important to be well prepared, have good navigation equipment and be aware of weather and current conditions.


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