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Trips, charters and events in a friendly and safe environment.

A trip with The Norðlýsið is about living in the moment, the realization that the voyage is the destination in itself. The feeling of the wind in your face, the sound of the waves breaking on the bow. The steady movements are unique to a wooden ship. These lead to an equilibrium beyond your body reaching into your soul.

Onboard the Norðlýsið, the focus is on sustainability and well-being. Relying on the winds whenever we can and using our knowledge of the winds and the currents, we invite our guests on the most comfortable journey possible.

You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you wish, based on your abilities and interests. And always carefully supervised by the attentive crew. Enjoy using your body and the feeling of your strength when the sails are hoisted. And who does not get goosebumps when the sails are set, and the engine powered off? This is when you are truly in sync; The Wind, The Ship and You.

We have time for laughter and silliness, as well as deep conversation and reflection. In bright sunshine, on grey days, in rain and fog. All days are good when the ship runs well.

We offer scheduled trips, charter and events onboard the ship at the harbour. The crew is handpicked with strict demands to qualifications. Knowledge of the Faroese waters, first aid and the ship's safety being obvious, but friendliness and empathy being another absolute must, as we consider you our guest and want you to experience authentic Faroese hospitality on your visit with us.

Our policy is simple. If we can not deliver a safe and comfortable experience, we cancel the trip and refund all payments. Routes and destinations are subject to change with regard to the sailing conditions.


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