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Crewmembers are approved by the Faroese Maritime Authorities (FMA). Ensuring you a competent crew with proven knowledge of sea rescue and first aid as well as the necessary skills to operate the vessel safely.


Sailing in the Faroe Islands requires a cool head and experience. The current changes hourly, and there are also the wind and the waves to consider. Get these parameters wrong, and you are in for a bumpy ride.


We pride ourselves on authentic Faroese hospitality. You are our guest, and we want you to have a great experience onboard The Norðlýsið.

The crew is handpicked with strict demands to qualifications. Knowledge of the Faroese waters, first aid and ship's safety being obvious, but friendliness and empathy being another absolute must, as we consider you our guest and want you to experience authentic Faroese hospitality on your visit with us.


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