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It is a good idea to separate sailing from any traditional fine dining experience. However, as the ship is well equipt for cookery and the forecastle is an excellent room for dining, the trick is not to serve the guests dinner while sailing but to stop somewhere for the dining. This could be a village like Nólsoy or Hestur, where the guests can enjoy a visit ashore or a quiet inlet where we drop anchor for dinner. Then the return journey is perfect for some dessert and coffee.

The key to a good experience is the timeframe. Catching the wind and enjoying the unique sensation of natural propulsion is a three to four-hour venture, and dining at a village or at anchor requires at least two additional hours.

Alternatively, we can serve a more straightforward meal on the deck while sailing - typically after the sails have been set.

Keeping the full experience on the ship makes it possible to avoid uncomfortable sailing and waste of time, as the course and destination can be determined based on the sailing conditions and the timeframe for the trip. This is crucial for a good experience for even inexperienced guests.


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